I went to Lisbon a couple of weeks ago. It’s a gorgeous city by day, and by night. One hungover afternoon, we were looking for the well known Time Out Market but curiosity got the better of us. Walking down a hill we noticed what looked like a well established rather trendy restaurant called Palacio Do Chiado and decided to poke our heads in.

As we entered an attendant handed me a card to keep track of our bill which we pay on the way out. I felt a rush of curiosity and couldn’t wait to see what treats awaited us inside. We made our way through the main restaurant area to the kitchen, where you can choose your food and watch the chefs as they put care and attention into creating mouth watering dishes. The entire venue is comprised of 7 restaurants, including gourmet burgers, seafood, signature Portuguese bakalao, a champagne bar, and a room dedicated to wine, ham and cheese. It’s a wonderland.

We ordered some battered cod cakes and prawns.

As we made our way upstairs, it felt like we had stepped into an aristocratic social club from the 18th century, in fact that’s what it used to be. The walls have been restored with  scenes of hedonism, angles, and nature, and there is an opulent stain glass window overlooking a  huge staircase which leads into a champagne room. The upstairs is absolutely stunning and you can easily spend an afternoon there eating the finest food and drinking Portugal’s finest wine without destroying your holiday budget.

If you are heading to Lisbon and you are looking for hidden gems to spend and evening or afternoon and you would like to try some great food I would recommend a trip to Palacio Do Chiado. 

Palácio Chiado
Rua do Alecrim 70
1200-018 Lisbon

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