Veggie Burger and Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

I share with two flat mates, and I’m the only dude so I take it upon myself to make a real effort when it’s my turn to cook. One of my flatmates was on her way back from Majorca, and the other coming home after a long hard day of work so they were pleased to see such an epic burger waiting for them when they arrived home. – Brownie Points.

This veggie burger recipe is quite versatile, you can swap the beans for chickpeas or any other type of beans if you prefer. I find kidney beans are the tastiest though. You can make a tonne of these and freeze them it’s great for when you get back from the gym and you just want a healthy high protein veggie lunch.

I would have the sweet potato fries in the oven while making the veggie burgers so everything is ready a la vez.

The Burger


  • 1 jar of kidney beans
  • 1 small tin of sweetcorn
  • Cashew Nuts
  • Sesame & Chia Seeds
  • Cumin & Coriander Powder 1 Tb Sp
  • Flour, and natural bread crumbs
  • Your favourite chilli sauce (I used Sriracha mayo, you just mix sriracha and mayo)

Drain the jar of beans, and the sweetcorn of as much liquid as possible and mix in a large bowl. Add all of the other ingredients (apart from the flour and bread crumbs) and a dash of salt and lemon. I used a large wooden pestle to mush everything together but you can use your hands. I just find the pestle gets less messy!

Once everything is mixed, add some flour and mush again to take out some of the moisture before you make the veggie patties.

Take a hand full of the bean mix and make some veggie burgers. I had a chopping board ready with some flour sprinkled on top just to get them ready for the pan fry. Sprinkle the breadcrumbs on top you can use as much as you like depending on how “breaded” you like your veggie burger.

Have a pan with some olive oil ready, pan fry the burgers turning occasionally until crispy and golden brown on the outside.

I like to toast the buns a little, I rest the veggie burger on the bottom part of the bun and stack the cheese, tomato, avocado, and lettuce on top. I then dollop some sriacha mayo on the inside of the bun. Land it on top, and the burger is made.

Sweet Potato Fries

  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • A baking tray
  • Paprika, Salt, Pepper and lime
  • Olive Oil

It’s easy, pre-heat the oven to 200 Degrees. wash and chop the sweet potato into wedges, no need to remove the skin it’s full of goodness. Stick them in a baking tray making sure they are not too stacked up.

Sprinkle with all the seasoning and give it a squeeze of lime and a few drops of olive oil. Use your hands to mix everything up.

Stick the tray in the oven, have a look occasionally and move them around. They will be done in about 40 mins.

Hope you enjoy this recipe, there are tonnes of veggie burger types I can’t wait to try some new ones so if you have another recipe please send it my way. Would love to read your comments! I am particularly interested in a beetroot burger, so if you have a good recipe for that please let me know.


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