Nomm – The new Asian Mediterranean fusion spot on Parallel

Nomm nomm’s basically the noise made when you’re tucking into something flavoursome, and that I can openly say, you will. Nomm brings together ingredients from Asian and Mediterranean cuisine to create a unique and unpredictable flavour experience.

Poble Sec is the area at the foot of Mont Juic. The neighbourhood is notorious for decent restaurants and bars, and home to the famous pincho street Carrera Blai. As I entered and walked past the cocktail bar round to the main restaurant area I noticed that deep rich Asian red present in Chinese culture that signifies fire, good fortune and joy. The open kitchen gives view to the kitchen staff busy at work, and there is a tree growing in the middle of the restaurant. We were excited to try what was being rustled up in the kitchen, dishes coming out of the kitchen each looked like a work of art.


We chose dishes off the Sunday lunch menu, not fully sure what to expect but pleasantly surprised when the spread came out.

The Starters

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The chicken starter was a bold beginning to a great meal. The sushi rice was seasoned with black and white sesame seeds and there was some kind of black/brown sweet and spicy sauce which really brought it all home. I loved how the combination of light flavours like the spring onion combined with the rest of the dish to create a strong wholesome bite. I could eat a tonne of these wings.- That’s right folks a thousand kilograms.

The salad combined simple flavours such as mint, lime, basil, spinach, to create something really fresh. The cucumber was soaked in a miso sauce which was sweet and unique in taste there was an element of coconut milk but it was lemony and sweet at the same time. One theme present in all the dishes is the ingredients are not over salted or spiced or enhanced in anyway. What we have here paintings put together with colours “as they come” to create a final experience with a blend of carefully selected ingredients and sauces especially created to suit that dish. The end result is something unique and new which makes Nomm the best fusion restaurant in Barcelona.

The Mains

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The lime fish cakes were really moresome, nicely complemented by the homemade sweet chilli sauce. That salad was awesome, lychee orange cucumber and some leaves I was unable to identify seasoned with peanuts and coconut sprinkles. It was a fun dish, reluctantly shared between us! We also ordered the vegetarian main option of the stir fry which was filling and flavoursome in its own right with spring onions and carrots.

Nomm - Coconut tapioca pudding
Tapioca pudding with coconut milk, cacao nibs and passion fruit

I finished off with the coconut tapioca pudding, which was divine. I love both of those things and the cacao nibs brought it all home. Although the passion fruit was a bit sour it added an interesting element to the dessert when all mixed together.

My dining experience at Nomm was unique and a lot of thought and care is taken into creating each individual dish. The lunch menu is 15e which is reasonable for the quality of the food. A dinner menu starts at 35e including a cocktail and a glass of wine. Although it’s at the higher end of the dinner bracket it really is reflected in the quality of the food.

Address: Av. del Paraŀlel, 130, 08015 Barcelona

for bookings call 932807925





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