Chilling in the Now – Reflections of Eckhart Tolle

Day to day, we all worry. Life is already difficult enough as it is so why oh why do we cause so much anxiety for ourselves? In the inspirational book, The Power of Now Ekhart Tolle talks about how living in the moment is all that really matters. It’s a truly life awakening book, and I wanted to put together some of my reflections. I highly recommend reading this book if you haven’t already.

Animals are by far better than humans because they are chilling in the now. You don’t see a dog getting anxious about what people think of him. Dogs don’t give a fuck and neither do plants or elephants or swans. They live in the moment, existing and being. We perceive ourselves as the most evolutionary advanced beings on the planet, but I disagree.

I realized something recently so obvious, yet really quite hidden about my day to day mentality. I know what makes me happy.. playing music, annoying my friends, being out doors. Yet so often I deprive myself of the sweet goodness of life and replace it with worrying, binge watching series, and scrolling thousands of KM’s of social media content. Taking me away from the present moment and into a realm of passive observation. It’s essentially a cull on creativity.

Basically, the past and the future don’t really exist, all that exists is the very moment in which we are living in. When I worry about the future or dwell on the past I am doing it in this moment. I am literally wasting the moment I am in, by thinking about my memory or projection of a moment which no longer exists. It exists only in my mind.

If I spend time using information from the past, to decide what to do in the present or plan the future, I am living in the now. That is creating, and learning. If I use insecurities, fear, and negative emotions to project unnecessary pain into the present moment. That causes torment.

For example I am writing this article. I start to speculate on the number of people who will read it, or the negative comments I will receive, then instead of writing from the heart I worry about irrelevant insecurities. There is no point. If I take all of that out of the equation, and write what I want to write, I will be taking better advantage of the now and creating something more valuable for the reader.

For me, my creativity comes from living in the moment, and allowing the heart to run free. Anytime I have lived like that I have been truly happy. The heart does not seek approval, status, or material gain. The heart just wants to play, to be joyful and grateful for the moment. Letting go of prerequisites, and chilling in the now opens up a realm of infinite love and creativity.

To make it even more difficult, we identify ourselves with our insecurities. I see it so often in young people. The anxiety becomes the “perceived present” so we don’t really live in the moment. Social media, and the whole consumerist cycle? It thrives on the mental feedback loop of you feeling insignificant and shitty. Look at this lifestyle that you don’t have. Look at our example of beautiful people. It’s your own fault you are not a member until you buy this shit, or follow us, so you can be like us. It’s Bullshit. KISS KISS, good bye. Let it go..

Hold your breathe. Make a wish. Count to three. Feel the warmth from the palm of your right hand over the back of your left hand and breathe. Look at a dog or child in the eyes and see how present they are. Watch the ocean, feel the breeze. Just chill. Don’t take all the worries too seriously, and don’t take the minds projection of your self too seriously. The deeper you lives now. In the moment. Always has. Always will.


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  1. chris says:

    It s a solid article ! but how people or myself could start to change our daily routine in order to live in the present moment ?

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    1. Amit Shah says:

      Thanks Chris, it’s a great question and can be a huge challenge. When you do something that makes you happy, you live in the present. I made a list of things I enjoy, and decided do more of those things. By doing them I am happy, and living in the moment.


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